As you might expect we have had a significant increase of requests for COVID-19 testing. We are happy to arrange testing for anyone who wishes to be tested. However, COVID testing in an asymptomatic child or a child whose illness is mild enough that it can be treated at home does not require urgent testing and we are only able to accommodate such requests during office hours. This would include requests for COVID testing for return to school or sports or camps, for travel to somewhere, returning from a high risk area, or your child is asymptomatic and has had close contact with a confirmed or “test pending” COVID-19 patient. It is important that we take a careful COVID and illness history as well as give you accurate information on how to understand and use the test results which of course can only be done during our regular office hours. If your child is ill (after hours) with a moderate to severe illness and COVID testing might clarify the illness cause and the management of the illness it would require going to an emergency/urgent care center. If you believe that your child’s illness rises to that level of concern, please call back to the answering service and ask them to send your call information to us for a call back. If you child is not ill or only mildly ill please call back during our regular office hours and we will arrange a tele-health visit with one of our providers and arrange COVID testing if appropriate.

From the staff and providers at PIP, we say thanks for your considerate use of our after hours service.