Partners in Pediatrics was the first practice in Denver to adopt an “integrated pediatric practice” model. We developed this approach in the early 1980’s, at a time when it was not fashionable, because of our deep commitment to a more holistic and comprehensive way of helping parents develop good health for their children and themselves. It is a distinction of which we are very proud and one that surely sets us apart from other pediatrics practices.

Thus, we thought it might be useful to offer a brief description of what it means to practice “integrated pediatric healthcare”. In the 1980’s, the term “holistic” was used to describe conventional medical practices that also embraced forms of health care other than just traditional ones. Forms of health-care such as herbal therapy, aromatherapy, homeopathy, etc. were adopted and incorporated into an approach to treat most of the common health-care issues that we faced as pediatricians.

As our skills and experience as holistic pediatricians evolved and expanded, we were frequently asked by families how we decided between conventional and holistic pediatric treatments. We explained that it was not a matter of “either/or”, but rather we “integrate” the two.

This same confusion of semantics was also common throughout the alternative pediatric health care field. and so, in the late 1990’s, most practitioners began to adopt the phrase, “Integrated Health-care” or “Integrated Pediatrics”, and that term has become the iconic way of identifying health care practitioners who integrate “conventional” medical modalities with “alternative and complementary” modalities.

At Partners in Pediatrics, we have created a unique, integrated pediatric use of herbal therapies, homeopathic remedies, aromatherapy, dietary changes and nutritional supplements together with our conventional diagnostic and therapeutic approach. We also refer many patients to therapists who practice the art and science of chiropractic medicine, acupuncture, hypnotherapy, and other non-conventional approaches to treatment.

We are gratified to be able to offer you under one roof a complete, integrated approach to pediatrics with our seasoned approach, carefully and painstakingly developed over the past 35 years.