Partners In Pediatrics is happy to be accepting new patients at this time. Whether you're expecting your first child or are looking for a new pediatric partner in your child's health in Metro Denver, Partners In Pediatrics is here for you!

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Some common questions we get…

How much time does the practice reserve for well care appointments?

We reserve a 30-minute block of time for the provider for a Well Care visit. We do ask parents to plan on about an hour for check-in, weighing and measuring the child, any immunizations/tests, and any other needs to be addressed during the visit.

Can your sick child be seen the same day that you call?

We can almost always get kids in for a same day sick appointment, depending on the severity of the problem and the time of day you call.

How will your after-hours calls be handled and who will you speak with when connected?

We know that medical emergencies, urgencies, and serious concerns can occur at all hours, and we don’t believe the quality of service you receive should be less because the issue occurs outside of business hours.

When you call PIP after hours, one of our providers will respond in a timely fashion to address your concerns, have access to your child’s medical records, and help guide you through the night.

Please note: We give guidance but do not diagnose or prescribe medications over the phone under any circumstance. Questions and concerns about less urgent problems are carefully and thoroughly addressed in our Natural Healthy Kids handbook and daytime phone service.

What are the office hours you can make appointments to be seen?

We are open at both locations 8-12 and 1-5 Monday through Friday. Almost every Saturday, either our Denver or South Metro practice is open 8-12. Unless it’s Christmas Day, New Year’s Day, or the 4th of July, we are open every Saturday.

Can you be seen in the office on Saturdays?

Yes! We have Saturday hours of 8-12, and our Denver and South Metro offices are open on alternating Saturdays, so virtually every Saturday one location will be open.

What are the practice’s vaccination and antibiotics policies?

In summary, we believe that vaccines are not only SAFE but are important to ensuring the health of your child. However, we respect the decisions of individual parents and do allow for some flexibility in vaccine schedules. You can learn more about our vaccine policy here.

Because of our integrative approach, combining medically sound holistic and conventional therapies, we prescribe antibiotics only when we believe they are the absolute best fit for a child’s health after we have examined them in our office. We have championed the stewardship of good antibiotic use for over 40 years.

Have more questions? Feel free to give us a call.

Denver Office
303 388 4256

South Office
303 779 1172

New Patient Forms

After speaking to a staff member, kindly print and complete the following forms prior to your first appointment:

Email of fax completed forms to the office near you:

Denver office on Jasmine St.
Fax: 303-388-7802

South office on Maroon Cir.
Fax: 303-779-8553