Kids’ Winter Viruses Are Running Rampant This Summer

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Lots of kids are coming down with winter viruses this summer

It seems as if we are having winter in summer! The common winter viruses (parainfluenza, RSV and rhinovirus) that cause croup and bronchiolitis and winter colds are on the prowl in our community. We rarely see them at all in the summer, but we’re now seeing them in very significant numbers. There is no question that this is the perfect storm, the confluence of 3 significant factors:

  • The end of a year of masking and social distancing
  • Increasing attendance of children at daycares and camps
  • Our individual immune resistance now lowered by a year of not having been ill

We have seen a dramatic rise in the numbers of ill children and many are presenting with significant fevers. Most of us are not prepared for our children being this ill in summer and it has caught many of you off guard. Families have not been able to treat these miserable illnesses with appropriate meds, as they didn’t have what they needed on hand or didn’t even know what to do, as they have been out of the practice of treating ill kids for so long.

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Our Naturally Healthy Kids guide is an incredibly useful resource for managing colds

Given the fact that we anticipate a continued presence of these illnesses in our community we would strongly encourage you to refresh you illness management skills by reading several different chapters in your copy of our Naturally Healthy Kids book. The main chapters to review- excerpted in part in PIP blogs linked below – would be:

Also, now would be a good time to restore your supplies of conventional and natural remedies for treating the common miseries of these illnesses. Conventional meds such as Tylenol, Advil/Motrin, Delsym and the more natural treatments like Reboost Immune Tabs, Zarbees products, and Throat Coat Tea. We are seeing more children in the office as well to help guide and support their care.  

We trust that following these tips can help us “partner” with you even better this summer!

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