Easy, Healthy Snacks for Kids

Child Eating Corn CobIt’s hard to find healthy foods that kids will enjoy eating; however, providing your child with healthy snacks and meals is critical to their overall health and to maintaining a healthy weight. September is National Childhood Obesity Awareness Month, and in observance, we’ve put together a list of healthy snacks for kids that they’ll love and you can feel good about serving.

No matter what snacks you serve your child, “real food” is always better than processed food. Pre-made snacks like crackers and cookies can be chock-full of sugar and fat, and often don’t provide much nutritional value. Keeping it simple with fruits, veggies, nuts, and simple grains is always best.

Here’s a list of some of our favorite healthy snacks for kids:

  • Apple slices with nut butter
  • Fresh fruits
  • Nuts, especially mixed with dried fruit
  • Breadsticks or pita chips with hummus
  • Pretzels or popcorn (hold the butter, opt for plain!)
  • Healthy homemade muffins (like these skinny banana bread muffins)
  • Mini rice cakes with peanut butter
  •  Chopped raw vegetables and ranch dip (Greek yogurt + ranch dressing mix is a great option)
  • Fruit and chocolate hummus (a good chocolate hummus recipe here)
  • Homemade applesauce or no-sugar-added pre-made applesauce
  • Plain Greek yogurt with a little honey, granola, or fruit (watch the sugar!)
  •  Sliced turkey or chicken with cheese

Looking for even more ideas? Here are some great resources:

It’s a big responsibility to make sure your child is fueling their body well and staying healthy, but it doesn’t have to be challenging. There are many healthy snacks for kids that are easy to prepare and will make your child excited about eating fruits, veggies, nuts, and grains.

A lifelong journey of good health starts with childhood, and with a little thoughtfulness, you can set your child up for success. Our providers are always happy to answer questions about nutrition and health during your next appointment. 

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