Dr. Lisa Miller will be on sabbatical until July 2023

Elspeth "Lisa" Miller, M.D.Dr. Lisa Miller will be out of the office until July 3, 2023 on an extended sabbatical from Partners in Pediatrics. She would like to pass this along to her families to keep them informed:

“I want to thank my Partners in Pediatrics family for allowing me this invaluable time off. I can assure you it is not for anything serious. I realize this may place patients who primarily see me with questions. Be assured, my amazing colleagues and staff will continue to provide you with the high quality of care you have come to expect at Partners in Pediatrics. If you have questions, outside of what my staff can answer, you will be directed to one our managers. 

I’m often asked “do you have any big plans?” The honest answer is “no” as my time off was intended to occur prior to the start of COVID. Nonetheless, I’m going to enjoy this valuable and borrowed time focused on myself and my family! Thank you, Dr. Lisa

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