Children’s Hospital Colorado / PIP FREE Zoom Event | Coping With COVID Part 2: Back To School Stress

We have heard your questions about returning to learning, at home, as a hybrid, and in person in the classroom. Partners In Pediatrics and Children’s Hospital Colorado are responding again with a 2nd Covid-19 pandemic-related “virtual” class: “Coping with Covid Part 2: Return to Learning” on THURSDAY, OCTOBER 29, 6-7pm.
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Back By Popular Demand

Our first collaborative event with Children’s Hospital Colorado on August 17th was such a hit, we decided to come back for Part 2 and address back to school issues. The COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically affected schooling in Colorado, and that has placed a lot of unusual stress on children and parents alike.
Children’s Hospital Colorado Clinical Director and Adolescent Psychologist Jessica Hawks PhD will address tips for helping families promote focus, deal with anxiety, and picking up signs of stress/depression. A panel of some of your very own PIP providers (Dr. Nancy Lataitis, Greg Bingham, Kaci Corrigan, Ben Jessen & Dana McHale) will also be present during this presentation to help answer YOUR questions about sleep, attention challenges, and offer tips to help promote a healthy learning environment.

How To Join

It’s easy: just click this link (or the button below) at 6pm MT on Thursday, October 29th and you’re good to go! This event is FREE on Zoom and NO previous registration is necessary to join. All you have to do is listen and, if you want, ask us questions via the text chat or the video! Our six-person panel of experts will address individual questions to help you and your family out.

Click here at 6pm on Thursday, 10/29 to join the Zoom call!

What Will The Seminar Address?

We will address anything and everything related to your children’s return to school during this unprecedentedly challenging year, including whatever questions attendees like you bring to the table.

For instance, posture has become a significant issue for many kids. An estimated 30 million American public school students are participating in remote learning this year, and many do not have satisfactory work stations (comparable to a home office) or work habits, resulting in issues such as slouching, obesity, carpal tunnel and more. We may address things like good work habits – including taking frequent breaks, getting exercise, and more – as well as how to physically set up a work station that best suits a growing child’s needs.

Then, there are the rampant issues of mental health. A disturbingly large number of children (and adults, for that matter) are reporting depression, anxiety and even suicidal thoughts. This is obviously a very troubling trend, and one we will most certainly be addressing. It is vital that we do everything we can to keep our children healthy and happy, even under less-than-ideal circumstances.

There are also our own stresses as parents. This hasn’t been easy for us, either, and it has been especially difficult for many parents to adjust to having to homeschool or supervise their children at home while still balancing our jobs and other aspects of our domestic lives. Heck, getting our kids to wear masks properly can be a stressful chore unto itself!

There are many other topics we can address, so be sure to bring some questions!


Facing COVID Together

It may sound like a tired cliche at this point, but we really are all in this together, and events like this one offer a tremendous chance for us to come together and help one another through challenges we are all facing.

We can’t wait to see you there!


Click here at 6pm on Thursday, 10/29 to join the Zoom call!

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