Interested in a COVID Vaccine for Your 6mo-11 Year Old?

Partners in Pediatrics now has the vaccine in the office for our patients only. Thank you for your patience and understanding as we finalized our plans for the distribution of the vaccine for our patients.  For now, this is the only group for whom we will have the vaccine.  We know the decision to vaccinate is complex and while we ALL support and believe in this vaccine we still value and respect your choice in making the right decision for your family.

This is an unprecedented vaccine campaign and we are honored to be able to do our part to help our community respond to the pandemic.   The following information will hopefully help you make an appointment and follow our necessary guidelines to make this an efficient and comfortable experience for you and your children.

Due to high call volume at this time of year, we will only be scheduling appointments by USING THE PIP PATIENT PORTAL.  If you have any issues creating your patient portal, call our office during regular business hours only, preferably after 9:30am.

You must complete the COVID-19 Vaccine Administration Form (click here to download) and bring a copy with you to both appointments. 

  1. Information is required to be completed on pages 1 and 2.
  2. Please use full legal names – NOT nicknames.
  3. Be sure to print the completed form and bring it to both your vaccine appointments.
  4. Please DO NOT sign the form until the day of your appointment. This must be done in front of a witness.

Here is the link to login, sign up or reset your password:  Please pay close attention to which office you are scheduling at JASMINE (Denver) or MERIDIAN (Englewood).

  • Vaccine Available for 5-11yr olds:  Pfizer 2-Dose Vaccine.  First and second dose must be same manufacturer.
  • Dosing Guidelines:
    • The second dose can be given 3 weeks following the initial dose.
    • For the second dose, please bring your vaccine card to the appointment as well. We will schedule your second dose at the time of your child's first dose.
  • Vaccine Available for 6mo-4yr olds:  Pfizer 3-Dose Vaccine.  Must stay with the same manufacturer.  
  • Dosing Guidelines:
    • The second dose can be given 21 days or later following the initial dose. We will schedule your second dose at the time of your child's first dose.
    • The third dose will be 8 weeks following the second dose.  We will schedule your third dose at the time of your child's second dose.
    • Please bring your child’s vaccine card to both the second and third dose appointments. 

Plan on waiting for 15 minutes in your car after vaccine administration.  If your child has any allergies that require carrying an epipen please plan on waiting in our office for 30 minutes.

Thank you in advance for your assistance in providing accurate and complete information in order to help us ensure that the information we are required to submit to the State of Colorado will be complete and correct for all individuals receiving vaccines.

Want to learn more?

Pfizer Ages 6 mo - 4 yrs

Pfizer Ages 5-11 EUA Vaccine Fact Sheet

COVID 19 Vaccine FAQ - Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment

Children's Hospital Colorado COVID 19 Vaccine FAQ

CDC Vaccine Myths & Facts


Interested in COVID 19 Testing?

Partners In Pediatrics is working in conjunction with Children's Hospital Colorado to provide access to children's COVID-19 testing. The following information includes specific steps you must take to have your child tested.

  • A PIP referral is required for your child to get tested with CHCO (although it is NOT required to get tested through county health departments, walk-in urgent care clinics and school districts). To receive a referral, you will need to make a Telehealth appointment with PIP. A telehealth appointment is sufficient for a referral. Click here to get in touch with us and book an appointment.
  • Once you have received a referral, please click here to register an account with Children's Hospital Colorado so that you will receive the results more promptly. PIP only notifies you with positive results.
  • Children's Hospital Colorado has three Metro Denver locations where you can get tested: 
    • Children's Hospital Colorado North Campus
    • Children's Hospital Colorado South Campus
    • Children's Hospital Colorado Anschutz Campus. Tests performed at the Anschutz campus may receive their results 3-6 hours faster. Detailed information for each location can be found below.
  • You will receive a notification with your positive or negative test results from your Children's Hospital Colorado account, where you can set your preference for text or email. PIP will only call on the weekend with positive results, so signing up for the Children's Hospital Colorado account is the fastest way to get your test results.

Children's Hospital Colorado COVID Testing (Anschutz Campus)

1575 Wheeling Street, Aurora, CO 80045

Open 7 days a week by appointment

Hours: 7am - 5:30am

Questions? Call 720-777-0001

Click here for a PDF info sheet

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Other COVID-19 testing options include:


Vaccine Information

Children's Hospital Colorado is now offering the opportunity for children ages 16 and up to register for Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine appointments. Click here to go to the registration portal to sign up (and create an account, if need be). This does not require a referral from Partners In Pediatrics.

If you wish to find another venue for vaccination, please check out the Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment's "Where Can I Get Vaccinated?" webpage. It includes a searchable map and a list of large community vaccination sites. Click here to go to the CDPHE webpage. This does not require a referral from PIP.

Call now if you have any questions or would like to make a Telehealth appointment for a referral or assessment: Meridian: (303) 779-1172 | Jasmine: (303) 388-4256